Tairdren D'Sjachixen


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Tairdren is staunch and hardy, handling the infamy of his prodigious arcane ability with temperance. Outwardly he shows no signs of the strain; he knows that’s what is expected of him. Sometimes he just knows the right thing to do, the thing he has to do, like it was his first memory. It wasn’t, of course… his first memory was more of a dream.

Sometimes he felt like he knew the horned man and the titaness; sometimes he felt like he knew why they were so horribly angry with him. Not quite family, but such an ancient bond he wasn’t sure he knew the real difference. He was given a choice, but he must have chosen wrong because they gave him all of time to choose again. Again and again, the entire cycle of time played out before him until he forgot the question but was asked to choose again.

But, was that dream so long ago? Or was that dream today?


Intro – The Chronomancer I: Hubris, by The Sword
Bar Fight – I’m Gonna Win, by Rob Cantor
Gaining Power – Iron, by Woodkid
Travelling – The Adventures of Tintin, by Ray Parker
Main Theme – Liquid Spear Waltz, by Michael Andrews
Nemesis Found – The Chronomancer II: Nemesis, by The Sword
Graduated Theme – Android Porn, by Kraddy


Tairdren is not religious, but as much as tradition requires he honors Wee Jas as is expected of him (for his nobility as well as his vocation). In line, and in keeping with his heritage, he shows a preference for Suel deities over those of other pantheons and deities of magic over those of other pursuits. His personal interests draw him to knowledge (specifically philosophical inquiries about time, fate, truth, and morality) and he listens attentively to any clergy who share their perspective on those topics.

Pantheons: Academia, Magic, Suel, Time
Patron Deity: Wee Jas
Acknowledged Deities: Lendor, Norebo, Osprem
Other Deities: Baccob, Cyndor, Delleb, Lirr


The House of the Dragon provides advanced coursework for those who can afford it. Tairdren is attending his final year at the University and will soon be completing his final assessment to receive licenture as a doctor of metaphysics. He is currently studying The Great Wars of Greyhawk, mechanical engineering, advanced mathematics, and the physiology of psychoanalysis for his general coursework.

His thesis is concerning the relational patterns of ley energy in bio-diverse sentient lifeforms across plural dimensional intersections.


Tairdren has a number of interests that he has yet to have the time to pursue fully. Below are those interests separated into their appropriate skill categories. Many of his interests center on his desire to create a lasting legacy, something that will persevere through the ages. The nature of time and its transitory nature weighs upon his mind and he worries that much of the previous ages will be lost as the world moves into the age of industry.

Craft: armor, blacksmithing, carpentry, glass, jewelry, locks, sculpture, siege engine, shipbuilding, stonemasonry, weapons
Knowledge: geography, nobility, religion
Perform: oratory, wind instruments
Profession: architect, barrister, cook, engineer, herbalist, librarian, merchant, miner, sailor, scribe


At the beginning of each day, as he prepares spells, Tairdren prepares and quaffs extracts of Crafter’s Fortune and Endure Elements. Tairdren almost always finds time to raise a Mage Armor spell before joining combat and tends to often carry a twig near at hand for use in the ‘Break’ spell which he uses to disable opponents weapons. With a tendency to fall on the front lines, he is not an incapable melee combatant, but tends to remain on the defensive (especially against clearly well-trained melee combatants) with a movement spell prepared for Expeditious Retreat.

Tairdren D'Sjachixen

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