Nifur Roberts

 photo Nifur Roberts_zpsvb6mibog.jpg

Position Champion District
Term CY 643 to present
Race Human
Class Rogue
Age 420 (apparent age 18)
Height 5’4"
Weight 110 lbs
Hair Auburn
Eyes Green

Nifur is the daughter of Marcus Roberts, an influential member of the Captain’s Council over four hundred years ago. Kidnapped by an ugothol during the lead up to the Succession Crisis, she was robbed of her face and placed in a trapped chest. When it was opened by her would be rescuers, who couldn’t be bothered to check it for traps, it exploded, killing her instantly.

Sometime later, Nifur was restored to life through unknown means. She took over her father’s business ventures and became quite the celebrity. When her father died in CY 643, she assumed his seat without challenge, and has held it ever since. She does not speak about her apparent immortality.

Nifur Roberts

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