House of the Dragon - The Ten

The Ten is a shadowy group that exists within the walls of The House of the Dragon. Though very little is known about them it is presumed that they are drawn from among the ranks of the top students: former members are presumed to be among the wealthiest, most powerful, and most influential individuals in Sasserine.

While the exact mandate of the Ten is known only to them, they have worked to maintain the integrity of the House of the Dragon as an institution by singling out under performing students for their ‘special’ treatment. Such treatment typically includes what can be best described as ‘hardcore’ hazing: physical violence, sleep deprivation, harassment, and psychological disruption. What their limits are – if any – is an open question, but in short they make life hell on their victims.

In some cases this prompts changes in the victims. In others it forces students from the House of the Dragon.

The existence (or at least rumor of) the group is something of an open secret among House of the dragon students, but is little known elsewhere.

House of the Dragon - The Ten

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