Sasserine 1000

Awash the Stern

In the aftermath of the combat, the two heroes return to the ship. They find Lobos bawling out the men. He is terrible in his fury, his hands up to the elbow covered in blood, his axe still dripping. The passengers range from panicking to oblivious, depending on their proximity to the affair.

Theo’s rage mirrors that of the High Ranger’s but he channels it into more constructive directions.

“Ladies and gentlemen, if you could all please return to your rooms while we secure the deck I am confident we can return you all to your normal activities right away.” He nods to Tair, trusting his friend to see to the safety and comfort of the passengers.

“High Ranger, we encountered two of the savages on the port side as well. I’m certain the captain will be expecting a report.” Theo calmly assesses the situation further as he addresses his superior. “As you please, sir, I’m happy to tidy this mess up and deal with these men for you as well.”


Vaelius Kain_Darkwind

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