Captain's Council

(Nobility DC 5, Local DC 10, History DC 13)

Council CY 1000

Council Leader – Lord Quick
Sea God’s Representative – Lady Ran
Privateer’s Seat – Lord Balestorm
Azure District – Lady Katalina Kellani
Champion’s District – Nifur Roberts
Cudgel District – Baron Mirth
Merchent’s District – Lord Antoine Meravanchi
Noble District – Demoiselle Antunes
Sunrise District – Christof Magnussen
Shadowshore District – Lord Armand du Sangir
Councilman – Lord Johan Roth
Councilman – Lord Moxic

History and Lore

The Captain’s Council was conceived to keep Drac’s rivals happy, but it also unexpectedly placed checks on the Sea Lord’s powers. While they are present to advise the Sea Lord on matters of governance, they actually have a great deal of influence on city politics. The Sea Lord sits on the council as well and has two votes. Additionally, it is the Sea Lord who breaks all ties. Essentially, the Sea Lord only needs five votes to push a measure through.

The Captains’ Council must consist of twelve members. The Sea Lord and the Captains’ Council can both nominate new members, and the councilors must approve the nomination with a vote. The Sea Lord casts two votes and breaks all ties. Positions on the Captains’ Council are theoretically for life. The only exception to this is the Privateer Seat. This special position was created to ensure there would always be an actual ship’s captain on the Council to give a voice to the privateers of Sasserine, who spend much of the year at sea. Only working captains, those who regularly sail their own ships, are permitted to hold this position, which lasts for three years, and after the captain cannot serve in that position again for at least another three years. During this term, the captain is required to remain in Sasserine to sit on the Council, effectively removing him from his ship. Traditionally, those in the Privateer Seat turn over the day-to-day operations of their ship to their first mate until they can return to their duties.

Seven of the Captain’s Council are appointed the steward of one of the city’s districts. They represent the district’s concerns to the city at large, and benefit disproportionately from steering funds into their district. The Council Head, the Privateer’s Seat and The Sea God’s Representative traditionally do not hold stewardships. This leaves two viable council members without a stewardship, usually those newest to the Council.

There are only a few ways for a councilor to leave other than death. They can resign if they like, though this is rare. It’s usually done for reasons of poor health, but most councilors enjoy the power and hang on until the bitter end—unless they can arrange for a protégé to be nominated to take their spot.

The Captains’ Council may impeach and remove other councilors, but they only do so for the most heinous of offenses. Bribery, nepotism, and extortion are all considered part life in Sasserine. Impeachable offenses include murder and outright treason. Any member of the Captains’ Council can call for impeachment, and a two-thirds majority must approve it. So far, the council has only ever impeached two members, and even then, they kicked only one out. If a councilor is murdered, a direct family member can claim his position. This action can be done without the approval of the Sea Lord or the Council, but the family must agree on its nominee. In contrast with the other seats, the position of the Sea Lord is unassailable by any legal means. The only way a Sea Lord has ever left his position is on his way to his grave. Many Sea Lords have died in their beds, clearly naming a successor. It is when a Sea Lord dies unexpectedly that trouble brews.

Captain's Council

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